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Thanks for visiting us. For information on our services and other activities throughout the week, check the relevant section of our site. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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This Sunday

22nd January 2017

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We are a warm, friendly, family-based single congregation church in the lovely village of Lidlington, embracing the traditions of the Anglican, Baptist and Methodist churches.

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Nativity and Iluminated Cross

Have a look at our new life sized nativity and lit cross!

Reports from the AGM

Why not check out the reports presented at the AGM and support them by responding to their prayer reguests?

AGM and Leadership Elections

Johnathan and Tim were re-elected, and Jeff was elected at our AGM  held on 16th October.


BEC website

Anita (our Ecumenical Officer) has been updating the BEC website. BEC is our parent body and oversees our Church so why not take a look?

BEC website link click here

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