If you live in Lidlington and were here on 31 December 2018 you are entitled to money off your energy bill. By filling in a very simple form and supplying a copy of your energy bill covering 31 December 2018 you will get money off your energy bill every year. […]

Money off your energy bill

Lunch Club is making a return! It used to run on the first Wednesday of each month, and was led by Jackie, but had to end for practical reasons. The first week of the return will be on Wednesday 5th June at 12.30pm, and run by our lovely Diane and […]

Lunch Club Returns!

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week, a time in the Christian calendar when we metaphorically journey with Christ to the cross, remembering Christ’s suffering. Holy week is a good time to realign ourselves to the kingdom of God we remember that Jesus’ suffering brings freedom and life, where the […]

Psalm 31 Palm Sunday