Today I want to talk about grief and lamenting.  Bill is going to read various Bible passages for us to illustrate the points. Here is an example to show what I mean by “lament”: Psalm 44 21-26 23 Awake, Lord! Why do you sleep? Rouse yourself! Do not reject us […]

When we do not feel like “Happy” in Church

As you may know, Linda and I meet each Sunday morning to have a conversation with God. Another name for that is – – prayer.. We’ve looked at and tried,   a number of different aspects of prayer, how to talk to God and crucially how to listen to God, . […]

Know My Heart

Question: Have you ever given your children back to God? (I bet some of us have had this thought in the past – or even now) “I’d like to give them back—but I didn’t think God would take them. I thought He had a ‘no returns’ policy on children! Besides, […]

Giving Your Children Back to God

Commitment Romans 12:1-2   Introduction Here’s a question for us: To what are we totally committed? [PAUSE] It’s an interesting exercise if we’ve never thought about this. Commitment is a virtue that is hard to come across these days. In our society we don’t often whole-heartedly commit to anything, both […]


Introduction The largest radio receiver on earth is in New Mexico. Pilots call it “the mushroom patch.” Its real name is the Very Large Array – VLA. The “VLA” is a series of huge satellite disks on thirty-eight milesof  railways. Together the discs mimic a single telescope the size of […]


Right this is the bit were I get in to trouble with Jeff (he will keep me behind after Church to do a hundred lines) “you shall use the microphone at all times”. But I will risk it for a couple of moments; can you please hold hands with someone […]

Why Does God Allow Suffering?