Lidlington Good Neighbours

Can you support your community

during coronavirus?

You can sign up to our volunteer list by following this link and filling out the form:

After filling out the form, we will be in contact to connect you with someone who needs help.

What are Good Neighbours about?

In light of these unprecedented events during coronavirus, many elderly and vulnerable people have either been advised to isolate themselves in their own homes, or are too scared to go out and mingle with people for fear of what could happen. Many of these people who don’t have family or a support network around them were previously independent, but are now stranded at home.

It is our aim to find out who these people are in our village, and establish what their needs are during this time. We simultaneously aim to facilitate those who are able to help out in connecting with the people who need it, and ensure it is done in a safe way, where risk of harm is minimised, and to ensure nobody slips through the cracks.

Are you able to join in this movement? Please fill out the above form to sign up to our volunteer list.

Do you know anyone who is isolated, and cannot get the help they need?

Please email us at, phone us on 07894 986697, or connect with us at