Reports from Church Groups

Helping Hands Care Scheme

Helping Hands Care Scheme continues to be a lifeline to a few regular clients and occasional new clients.  We are mostly asked for lifts for medical appointments.  This year has seen a reduction in volunteer drivers and we could do with more volunteers.

Please pray for: new volunteer drivers to come forward.

Lidlington Graveyard

Jim Nockels has now retired from the Graveyard Steward role and we would like to formally thank him for his dedication and hard work in that role which he performed for 6 years.

The new contractor is Village Ground Care who have done an excellent job in the Graveyard.  All the graves have been exposed, brambles and bushes are being removed which makes the graveyard look much more open and cared for.

As always we would like to thank David & Sue Castella who work very hard for the village.  They are clearing up, doing the awkward fiddly jobs, loping small tree branches and liaising with the contractor

Again this year the Dawn Service was held on the old Chancel site on Easter morning.  It is always such a tranquil peaceful place.

Please pray: that the funding is sufficient to ensure the upkeep of the Graveyard and that we are able to bring comfort to those grieving.

Thursday Youth Group (Younger group Y6-8)

All last year we had a lovely group of Y7s who enjoyed coming, played creatively and participated well in the ‘God Slots’. A majority took part in open prayer, and they are always full of ideas and questions. Chellington was again a highlight and they benefitted from being with the older ones.

We were a little concerned about the low numbers who came from Y6, but this September has seen an influx of new Y6 faces, and this is hopeful for continuity in the future.

It has been a great help having Joe there each week.

Please pray for: The new Y6’s that they feel part of the group and able to participate in the God Slots.

Thursday Youth Group (8:15 group Y9-11)

The group struggled at the start of 2016, as it became dominated by some silly behaviour. However, through the spring, some left, others matured, and by the time of the Chellington weekend they made a really helpful contribution as young leaders and role models. Some of them now help each week at the younger group.

Since June, Lighthouse (Y12 and on) and the 8:15 group have met together and this has proved very successful. Before the God Slot, there is the now the option of either organised games or a worship time in the church.

Please pray for: Continued spiritual growth among the young people.

Coffee Morning

Coffee morning and monthly breakfast remain popular.  The numbers can vary but it is mainly the ‘regulars’.  The funds raised from the weekly takings have recently paid towards a new hot water heater for the disabled toilet.  It can also contribute towards replacing the strip lights in the hall.  The proceeds raised at Breakfasts always go to charity.  The acknowledgements for these are put on the notice board in the hall.

Please pray for: the social activity and relationships at this weekly event.

Our church in the world

Don’t forget that we spend more of our Christian lives at work or in our communities than we do in church.

  • Church members are represented on the Parish Council as well as many other village organisations.
  • Church members work in a range of settings in our area and even round the world.

Our mission starts with the people we come into contact with day-by-day

To pray for: That we will witness more powerfully through our daily lives in the coming year.